NAPAR is a national trade association, based in Washington, DC, focused exclusively on the unique needs of produce wholesale receivers. Its members are family-owned, multi-generational businesses with combined annual sales over $4 billion.

For almost three decades, we have established a tradition of helping receivers and making sure their voices are heard in Washington before Congress and the regulatory agencies. No other trade association can speak solely on behalf of wholesale receivers in times of crisis and need.

NAPAR’s primary goal is to protect your business from damaging and harmful laws and regulations. We keep our members informed about new government laws, rules and regulations, and we provide industry news and information that impacts their businesses.

NAPAR is committed to helping its members understand and comply with the Federal government’s new food safety law – the Food Safety Modernization Act, or FSMA.  The association provides valuable advice on how wholesalers can comply with this major piece of regulatory legislation that affects multiple aspects of every business in the food industry.


NAPAR is currently working in a number of areas on behalf of produce wholesalers and receivers:

• Providing advice and assistance with FSMA compliance;
• USDA Good Delivery Standards for produce;
• Initiatives to promote local produce;
• Creating an efficient, simple and workable system for traceability;
• Helping members purchase supplies and equipment more affordably.